Saturday, May 12, 2012

First donation!

After a long day doing prenatals with two lovely women due this spring, I came home to find that I'd received my first donation toward my trip! I literally squealed out loud, I was so excited and happy - it's so funny how one little email with information makes it all suddenly seem like it's real, and it's happening.

I have to give some serious thought to the garage sale idea- it could really be lucrative but I'm allergic to having to dump other people's garbage. I mean like.. my throat closes up. ;) I'm trying to think through it a bit- where to have it, how to get people to help because I know I couldn't do it alone (is any woman an island? I think not!)

I keep wanting to pinch myself because I can't believe this is all really happening!


  1. You can do it at The Clothes Line in our parking lot and we can add a The Clothes Line rack sale!!! Part od our profits will gor to your trip. Let's do it!!!

  2. That is a fantastic idea, Ellecia! I'll email you. :D