Tuesday, May 15, 2012


I'm convinced that if I just open myself to all possibilities, and say yes to the things that arise (as they resonate with me), that I'll make it to my goals.

I'm less than $160 from my first goal- to pay the $500 deposit to hold my spot. Only 10 people are going on this trip and I so clearly see my future on the plane, landing, dreaming and amazed, that I just can't fathom that not happening. I see it as clearly as I see this computer in front of me.

I have to look into this yellow fever vaccination. Curious how sensitive I can be about vaccinating my kids but when it comes time to take a trip to Africa I'm pretty much ready to sign up for whatever they want to throw at me. Tetanus? Sure! Yellow fever? Absolutely! Malaria prophylaxis? Yum!

It does make me nervous that I could get sick on the trip but not so nervous that I would stay home. The fact that Jane has been there before, with her own daughter, too, makes me feel a lot more comfortable but I wouldn't say that over all I'm anxious about it. Just aware - and wisely so, I think.

It's so funny how when people are talking about travel and they say they've been to Africa, it's met with "ooooooh", and a lot of intense curiosity and sort of a group pause, in wonder of the idea of it. Africa seems so mysterious and I think there's something in me that feels connected to our human history. A little piece of me feels like it's always meant to go, belonged there somehow. Countries and politics aside, the land calls to me like gold calls to Pirates (of the Carribean. ;)) I just have always known I would go.

Trying to balance all of this fundraising with dealing with the health issues I have currently happening as well as all of my other commitments and jobs this summer is a trick. I realize that as much as I'd like to protect my family from all of it that I think it would be better and easier for everyone if we all were involved, even in some small way, rather than me putting it all in a bubble and trying to keep life normal. (Whatever 'normal' is around here!)

So right now what I'm looking into are a few things that have a wee bit of momentum behind them already:

  • Three fundraisers via direct sales (see the Fundraiser links on the side of the blog? Click them!)
  • Begging people via Facebook, email and this blog.
  • A rummage sale at a local consignment shop whose owner volunteered her parking lot. She's rather amazing.
  • Book a party with Red Spiral Henna in June and I'll donate 50% of the party proceeds to the fundraiser.
  • A mini-spa/silent auction event where people can come and get pampered and have some snacks and champagne, and hopefully make a purchase too!
  • A friend told me about one of the little bars in Bremerton that does a comedy night fundraiser. You pay $400 up front and then they put together the acts, and then you decide on ticket sale prices. I need to look into it a little more- I don't think this is something I could pull off alone and I'm nervous about risking the $400 - and I understand that the bar isn't going to risk losing money on something like that, too. I have to think about it.
I'm accepting other ideas, and especially offers of help because I am just one woman and while I am pretty amazing, I am not able to do absolutely everything. ;)

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