Monday, May 14, 2012

It's happening :)

I have officially raised enough money now to make my first purchase - if I were to do it now. My passport! I will need to get my passport but from the website, it takes a couple of months generally to process. I have a little time. I've decided that gathering the first $500 for the deposit for the trip is more important, so that's my first goal.

Today, I gained $175! I need $200 more to reach the first goal of $500. I'm getting a lot of offers of help and will be meeting with a friend this week to talk about a mini-spa/silent auction event. I heard about a local venue that will do a comedy night fundraiser- it costs $400 up front and then we sell tickets and promote the event. I don't know if that's a risk I want to take but it could be a really fun (and possibly press-release-worthy) event, too.

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