Friday, May 11, 2012

Full time job -- Kristina

This whole 'raising money' thing could easily become a full time job. I can see why people get paid to do it for organizations!

Today I got to hang out with some wonderful friends in the sun- tonight, I am in a fundraising frenzy. The second the kids are quiet enough I'm researching Shanti, finding out more about necessary paperwork, vaccinations I might want to get before I go, reading about malaria and prophylaxis options, trying to set up my fundraising page at which took way longer than I thought, getting my Facebook Cause page set up and trying to blog too- keeping people connected to what's happening is a lot of fun, setting it up though- a bit of a PITA.

Now that part's over and I can get on with busting butt on raising funds. I have some great ideas I think- well... I have a couple of ideas anyway. I don't know why I'm so nervous about asking people to help me but I am. I also simultaneously feel like I know a lot of people in this community who are able and might be willing to do a little bit to help me- if only I ask and have some kind of plan.

Yesterday I talked with Nicole Broady from The Perfect Place. She's an event planner and has agreed to help me to create a fundraiser event. I just need to figure out what it's going to be. A friend owns a business where it would be great to hold an event, but I just have to wake up tomorrow with the guts to ask him. I think tomorrow I'll have it.

If nothing else, I'm definitely further along today than I was yesterday- the tools I've put into place will help me going forward. I like being organized.

I am glad that I didn't wait to start working on this, I really have a good feeling that I'll raise more than I need and will be able to bring a nice donation to Shanti, or help one of the other attendees to get there, too.

We're teaching a two-day doula training to anyone who wants to come! Maybe you should put that in your calendar - two day doula training in Uganda? Once in a lifetime opportunity for most people!

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