Monday, May 21, 2012

Deposit done!

Wow, I have to say- it's pretty amazing that in I think less than 10 days, I was able to raise $500. I haven't even held one of the planned events and haven't done any sort of solid marketing outside of Facebook- and look at the outpouring of just generosity and love that I have been so lucky to receive!

So what's happening now?

I will get my deposit done so that I can hold my spot- only 10 people are going and I'm hearing that the two-day doula training (we need to plan/schedule/develop.. ah!) is a major marketing piece of this trip. No trainers, no training! So I definitely need to get my buns in gear on the fundraising.

I have had the most amazing and creative ideas come my way for fundraisers, including offers for help. Here is what I'm working on right now (and could use help with minding the details, if you're interested!)

* Portrait Fundraiser courtesy of Elaine Turso Photography.
  -- $20 gets a 15 minute session and a free 8 x 10, and I keep 100% of those proceeds
  -- $50 gets a 30-minute session and two free sheets, and I keep 100% of the proceeds

* Pin-up Portrait Session by Raina Skye Photography
 -- We're still working out the details of this (it was conceived literally, five minutes ago) but it's looking like we need someone who wants to do pin-up hair and make up. Sessions will be $50 and you get a treasure to send to your partner (or keep for yourself!)

* Multiple direct-marketing fundraisers, including Scentsy, Creative Memories, Tupperware, all linked right on my blog so hit those up!

* Fundraiser from Little Earth Co., an awesome WAHM who makes soaps and other treasures, also linked on my site

* If I can raise the funds to do a Comedy Night fundraiser at the Cloverleaf in Bremerton (it's $400 down and then we keep profits), I'd love to schedule that - we'll see if I raise funds in time to make that happen. I think it would make a major dent in what I have to raise AND we'd get to have a great time out!

* Bake and Rummage sale at The Clothes Line in Old Town Silverdale. The date is currently scheduled for the end of August but it looks like I need to have all of my funds together by August 1, so we may need to rethink this one.

So my next goal is another $400 so that I can pursue the Cloverleaf Comedy Night, which I think will really go a long way toward my goal!

I can't thank everyone enough for your donations, for sharing the information about this trip and for investing in me in all the ways that you do. I am so grateful!

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