Thursday, August 23, 2012

Catching up - update on expenses/donations

Wow, it's been a while since I've updated! A lot has happened- and most of it wasn't related to my trip so it's taken me away and given me a solid distraction.

I executed my silent auction (thank you, Facebook!) I made about $1000 from my auction alone! That still knocks my socks off and if I had time, I'd do another auction. It was so fun checking each auction daily for comments, bidders, to see people competing to win and know that my friends were winning some really awesome stuff. (That reminds me, still need to close out a couple of those suckers!)

Today I met with Jane and Melinda, the other trainers for this venture. I've 'known' them both online for several years but we hadn't managed to meet in person until today- to, you know, plan our trip to Africa together. LOL Silly! Still, we got together and it was like we'd known each other all the time, it was easy and fun and we are a spectrum of perspective, experience, and methods. It's going to be some shenanigans to teach this workshop!

I'm still raising money- things are always more expensive than you think they are and I have several vaccinations ahead of me (each of which I have to pay for out of pocket), travel insurance to purchase ($70 or so), and a list of things on Amazon that I need to cart with me on my trip. My flight will be about $1600+ last I heard. Still waiting to pay that sucker and that will nearly wipe me out. I underestimated the amount of money I needed to raise, and I thought I was raising more than I needed! Playing catch up now.

Expenses that I've paid so far:

$165 (passport, passport card + fees)
$550 - Deposit to hold my spot on the trip
$2125 - Remainder due to fully pay for my spot on the trip

Still to pay for:

$1700 - Flight from Seattle to Entebbe (not sure if that includes checking bags, taxes, etc.)
$409 - Vaccinations (Hep A, Yellow Fever, Malaria prophylaxis, and Typhoid)
$220 - Items needed for my trip list (not including baby items, teaching items, donations to the clinic, etc.)
$70 - Travel insurance
$300 - Travel/trip money

Obviously I'll need to trim some fat somewhere if I can't get my money raised, and I won't be able to bring donations with me of childbirth education/teaching supplies, or baby items, if the funds aren't raised.

Right now I've raised a total of:


This has been generated by generous cash donations and the online auction, and will hopefully be topped off this weekend with my rummage sale.

Time to start sorting stuff! Thank you everyone who has made donations, large and small, and who have been encouraging and supportive as I've been juggling the fundraising with my medical treatment this summer! Let's keep going, we're almost there!

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